Classroom Management

This kind of knowledge abounds on the Internet, as well as in the libraries of our teaching colleges. It is taught in teacher continuing education courses. Educators don't hit children because they don't know any better or because they don't have access to postive, effective alternatives. They hit children because they can. Where they are prohibited from hitting them, they use many strategies that do not hurt or humiliate. The single link below is provided to demonstrate the wealth of information readily available to even the remotest parts of our country and to confront those who would pretend that teachers really cannot imagine managing a classroom without hitting the pupils. We are asked, nearly every time we speak, something like: "How are teachers supposed to maintain discipline and order if they cannot make a child feel miserable?" Yet, in a solid majority of our states, teachers maintain discipline and order... AND educate their pupils... without ever hitting them. They perform just as heroically in most of our large cities, and in practically all of the industrialized nations of the planet.

Teachers Helping Teachers: Classroom Management Ideas